Baron Belts, wholesale arm of Strait City Trading Co

Baron Belts

122 Highway 265 Suite 800, Alabaster, AL 35007

Electronic Sample Card for Wide Solid Colors

Colors and textures of wide solid color webbing available at Baron Belts.

Fabric code: 'C' for natural cotton, 'A' for acrylic synthetic cotton.

Click on a photo to go to catalog page for that color.

  • black swatch

    black (A)

  • steel gray swatch

    steel gray (A)

  • gray swatch

    gray (A)

  • natural II swatch

    natural II (A)

  • khaki swatch

    khaki (A)

  • red swatch

    red (A)

  • coral swatch

    coral (A)

  • fuchsia swatch

    fuchsia (A)

  • maroon swatch

    maroon (A)

  • pink swatch

    pink (A)

  • hot pink swatch

    hot pink (A)

  • deep purple swatch

    deep purple (A)

  • navy blue swatch

    navy blue (A)

  • indigo blue swatch

    indigo blue (A)

  • powder blue swatch

    powder blue (A)

  • irish green swatch

    irish green (A)

  • olive swatch

    olive (A)

  • neon green swatch

    neon green (A)

  • lime green swatch

    lime green (A)

  • daffodil yellow swatch

    daffodil yellow (A)

  • orange swatch

    orange (A)

  • dark brown swatch

    dark brown (A)

  • navy blue, white swatch

    navy blue, white (A)

  • red and white swatch

    red and white (A)

  • charcoal gray swatch

    charcoal gray (C)

  • natural swatch

    natural (C)

  • desert khaki swatch

    desert khaki (C)

  • dark brown swatch

    dark brown (C)

  • navy blue swatch

    navy blue (C)

  • olive swatch

    olive (C)

  • olive drab swatch

    olive drab (C)

  • orange swatch

    orange (C)

  • faded black swatch

    faded black (C)

  • faded olive gray swatch

    faded olive gray (C)

  • faded navy swatch

    faded navy (C)

  • faded red swatch

    faded red (C)

  • faded tan swatch

    faded tan (C)

  • faded blue swatch

    faded blue (C)

  • white swatch

    white (A)

  • aqua navy green swatch

    aqua navy green (C)