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  • ETA for new supply is around 1st week of February 2023.
  • You may submit your pre-order with an off-line payment method, we will send you a payment request when the stock is available.
  • We provide sourcing for customers, direct ship (ocean or air freight) to customers' warehouses. Please email us for quote/availability.

Webbing, Stripes

selection of webbing rolls Striped and banded webbing for military belts, D-ring belts and accessories.

Conservative blues and grays, black and olive to eye-catching bumble bee, rainbow and rasta stripes.

This webbing is 1-1/4"" wide, 2.4 mm (94 mil) thick and made from acrylic synthetic cotton.

roll of navy blue and natural striped webbing for 1-1/4" straps and belts, 2.4 mm thick, rich acrylic color, feels like cotton but can be melted to prevent fraying
1-1/4" navy and natural striped acrylic webbing
4001R navy blue and natural $36.00
50 yds