Baron Belts, wholesale arm of Strait City Trading Co

Baron Belts

122 Highway 265 Suite 800, Alabaster, AL 35007

Baron Belts is restructuring!

  • ETA for new supply is around 1st week of February 2023.
  • You may submit your pre-order with an off-line payment method, we will send you a payment request when the stock is available.
  • We provide sourcing for customers, direct ship (ocean or air freight) to customers' warehouses. Please email us for quote/availability.

Electronic Sample Card, 1.25", Acrylic & Polyester

Colors and textures of solid color 1-1/4" acrylic and polyester webbing available at Baron Belts. Currently 14 styles and colors available.

Fabric code: 'A' for acrylic synthetic cotton, 'P' for polyester synthetic cotton.

Click on a photo to go to catalog page for that color.

  • black swatch

    black (A)

  • steel gray swatch

    steel gray (A)

  • bright white swatch

    bright white (P)

  • natural II swatch

    natural II (A)

  • khaki swatch

    khaki (A)

  • dark brown swatch

    dark brown (A)

  • maroon swatch

    maroon (A)

  • wine red swatch

    wine red (A)

  • cardinal red swatch

    cardinal red (A)

  • green swatch

    green (A)

  • turquoise swatch

    turquoise (A)

  • navy blue swatch

    navy blue (A)

  • dark navy blue swatch

    dark navy blue (A)

  • hot pink swatch

    hot pink (A)