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Primitive Webbing Cutting Setup

In this setup we bought a counter top from the local big box hardware store and set it on a frame constructed from 2x4's and plywood.

We bought the lazy susan on the left online and cut a round piece of counter top to sit inside the turntable. We put a rod in the center to hold a webbing roll in place.

We spent big on the fabric meter in the center, but maybe a distance meter from the hardware store would have done the job for a tenth the price. It did come with a nice bracket though and is ISO certified. We cut some angle iron and spaced it with rollers from a tape dispenser to make a channel for the webbing. Someday we'll replace the gaffer's tap with something more permanent.

The hot knife on the right is constructed from a handpress, a heat cartridge, and machined blade and anvil. No thermostat on this simple machine, but we ran it through a timer (lower right in first photo) in case the operator forgets to turn the electricity off.

For cold cutting, a good sharp pair of scissors will work nicely.

cutting table

Cutting table with fabric meter.

fabric meter and channel

Fabric meter and webbing channel.

hand press hot knife

Hand press rigged with hot blade and anvil.

hot blade closeup

Close-up shot of hot knife blade with heat cartridge.

webbing with scissors

Webbing and scissors for cold cuts.