Baron Belts, wholesale arm of Strait City Trading Co

Baron Belts

3835 Dutch Hollow Ln, Wildwood, MO 63069

  • Baron Belts warehouse will be open through 4/26/2024 then open again on 7/5/2024. The business office will be open throughout.
  • Volume discount for webbing: 10% off on orders of 10 or more rolls of a color.
  • In addition to our inventory we offer sourcing to customers: direct ship to customers' warehouses.
    • Minimum order 3000 yd per style/color
    • Production time ~50 days
    • Ocean freight transit ~60 days
    • Air freight transit ~10 days
    Contact us for a quote or further information.

Webbing, Polyester

trefoil knot of narrow polyester webbing straps Narrow polyester webbing. Suitable for dye sublimation. Very smooth comfortable weave yet very strong. Use to make leashes leash from narrow poly webbing with dye sublimation, collars collar from narrow poly webbing with dye sublimation for dogs dog with leash and collar and canvas belts for people. This polyester webbing has high abrasion resistance, stands up to UV light well, and resists rot and mildew.