Baron Belts, wholesale arm of Strait City Trading Co

Baron Belts

3835 Dutch Hollow Ln, Wildwood, MO 63069

  • Baron Belts warehouse will be open through 4/26/2024 then open again on 7/5/2024. The business office will be open throughout.
  • Volume discount for webbing: 10% off on orders of 10 or more rolls of a color.
  • In addition to our inventory we offer sourcing to customers: direct ship to customers' warehouses.
    • Minimum order 3000 yd per style/color
    • Production time ~50 days
    • Ocean freight transit ~60 days
    • Air freight transit ~10 days
    Contact us for a quote or further information.

Canvas Belts

five cotton camouflage canvas military belts Canvas belts complete with buckles and tips. Order by the 6-pack or by the piece. Page through for our offerings. Contact us if you don't see what you're looking for--there are a lot of possible permutations. On display are
  • 100% cotton military belts with a variety of buckles,
  • acrylic canvas military belts in 3 widths and many buckles,
  • nylon golfing belts with break-action nickel polish buckles,
  • printed, camouflage, striped military belts with choices of buckles,
  • elastic military belts, wide polypropylene and medium polyester.

Volume Discounts. Automatic discounts for orders of 10 packs (5 dozen) or as marked.